Monday, January 21, 2013


With this newly remodeled SOHO KVM Switch, you will easily be able to share your monitor, keyboard, and mouse with up to four USB computers. Also, you can connect one set of speakers and use them with all your computers.

The SOHO KVM Switch supports a rise of your efficiency and productivity both at home and in the office by decreasing desktop clutter, and at the same time, keeping access to all of your programs and files from multiple computers.


• With DVI monitor connections, it is easy to shifts between Mac computers and PCs
• With LED indicator lights on Front-panel buttons, it is flexible for you to access audio and video content from multiple computers at the same time
• KVM doesn't need software for installation
• Currently adds a built-in USB 2.0 hub for connecting your elements
• Included cables are color-coded to coresspond with the front buttons and back panel providing a trouble-free installation
• Now supports hot-key benefit for additional switching
• Available in 2- and 4-port models
• Offers monitors with DVI-D Dual-Link connections of resolutions up to 2560x1600
• Supports USB keyboards and mice
• Available for USB-based computers


  1. Hello,

    The SOHO KVM switch helps to increase your efficiency and productivity at home or in the office by reducing desktop clutter while keeping access to all of your programs and files spread across multiple computers. Thank you...

    Server Cabinet

  2. I need KVM Switches and i want to purchase it. Thanks for sharing benefits of KVM Switches, DVI & USB. it's very useful for me. but i think now its available in 8- and 16-port models.

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